SmartShelter Container

Easy-to-deploy, prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather proof, fire-rated, shipping container for remote or special applications.

SmartShelter Containers address the challenges of deploying data centers in remote sites, industrial environments, and other locations where a dedicated building or space does not exist. Enable real-time processing and resolve latency and bandwidth issues by locating a data center closer to your operations. Benefit from the simplicity of an easy-to-deploy data center for a branch office, oil & gas site, mining operation, or forward operating military base.

  • Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system
  • Flexibility to change data center growth as customers demands change
  • Provide physical security to critical data
  • Realize revenue or production sooner by deploying quickly anywhere in the world
  • Deploy in remote areas with limited construction support
  • Repurpose valuable space for core business


SmartShelter Containers include the entire data center physical infrastructure, completely assembled and tested in a single ISO shipping container, and provide a value option for a prefabricated data center.