SmartShelter Data Hall

Large, scalable prefabricated IT infrastructure comprised of multiple SmartShelter Modules put together to create a configurable and complete design, optimized for service providers and large enterprises.

SmartShelter Data Hall offers a scalable, data center infrastructure solution for large service providers and enterprise customers deploying in 50-100 rack increments with the ability to easily add future capacity. The solution consists of factory-built IT modules with 14-15 racks, ganged together on-site, with minimal construction, to form a large, functional IT room. Locate the data center outside or into a simple building shell as a stand-alone system that has physical security, power and cooling redundancy, and can be remotely monitored and managed with a full suite of management software. Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system – Conserve CapEx by growing infrastructure on demand – Adjust plans for future expansions with repeatable and flexible designs.

SmartShelter Data Hall contains a complete data center physical infrastructure solution, assembled and tested in a multiple-module configuration to provide a fully functional data center.